Drive Safety Laws for the State

Success can be hard to measure for a site like this. But little things do add up. I am aware of several positive changes in my own community. There have likely been unreported similar changes in other communities. Here are some of successes that Caughtya has been part of.

Main Shopping Mall

Abuse of disability parking at the main shopping mall in our community was rampant for years. The premises have been undergoing extensive renovations. Part of the work has involved locating mobility parking spaces in better positions (nearer the door, covered, and better lit). The mall has also hired more security personnel that monitors and tickets mobility parking offenders.

City Council Business Partnership

The local City Council has employees monitoring parking spaces, including disability parking. However, Council staff could only monitor these spaces on Council property. Mobility parking spaces on private property, such as supermarkets, were “off-limits” for the parking wardens. Caughtya’s efforts led to heightened awareness of the issue within the local City Council. Direct contact with Council Officers and Councilors, as well as coverage in the local newspaper, led to a partnership with local businesses. Participating businesses have granted permission for Council parking wardens to visit their parking lots and issue infringement notices.

Better Signage

As a result of the same discussions mentioned above, the local City Council started replacing the mobility parking signs on Council property. The new signs add the mention “At All Times”, making it clear that the spaces are not reserved only during business hours.

Gossip – “Don’t park there, you’ll appear on that website!”

I heard reports that people warn each others not to park in mobility parking spaces, lest a picture of their car appear on Caughtya. This has happened in a few locations.

This is a good result. It would be better if people avoided parking in these spaces without permits because they realise the problems caused by that action. But the spaces will be available to permit holders if non-permit holders refrain from abusing mobility parking spaces because they do not wish to appear on the website.

Additional Parking Spaces

Several small shopping malls in town did not have disability parking spaces, or had an insufficient number of spaces provided. These parking lots were repainted to provide sufficient and appropriate parking spaces.

So, what "wins" are you aware of with mobility parking?