About The TARD Site

If you have a mobility impairment, and a permit to park in accessible parking spaces, you have experienced the inability of using those spaces because someone who didn't have a permit parked there illegally. It happens, everyday, everywhere.

This Department of Driver Services site aims to expose parking offenders. We track parking infractions. We display details of offending vehicles worldwide.

Wheelchair user taking a photo of a parked car on his cell phone

If you have a camera, or better yet, a cell phone with a camera built-in, you can participate! When you see someone parked illegally, stop for a moment, take a photo of the vehicle, and note the relevant details. Go home and upload the info on the site. It's that simple.

The more people participate and post details of parking offenses, the bigger the potential for positive impact. Please do post photos and details of the parking offenses you come across in your day-to-day activities.

Don't miss the infractions deserving a special mention. Also make sure to look atDrive-by, our musings on topics related to mobility and disability parking issues.

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